Youth Football - It's All About The Kids!

Falmouth Youth Football’s (FYF) Youth Varsity (5th/6th) grade teams are for beginning and developing football players.  We encourage new entrants at any level, and welcome kids to come and view one of our practices or games if they are curious about the sport.

Our Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy stems from our commitment to our players and their families, to assure that football is safe and fun. We strive to instill our players with discipline, respect for the game, as well as respect for their peers and themselves.  FYF has a diverse group of volunteer coaches, many played the game in college or at local high schools, and all have received thorough safety training. Our youth program abides by USA Football’s safety requirements, and focuses on teaching and playing the game safely.  Additionally, we work hard to foster a sense of community, welcoming parents to volunteer and get involved.  We also assure that the lines of communication are always open between players/parents and coaches.  Teamwork and good sportsmanship are the foundations of football!

Falmouth Youth Football follows the same coaching strategies employed by our High School (HS) Varsity Football Team.  We use a parred-down version of the HS playbook so kids can start to build knowledge of the game consistently across our program.  We also have many opportunities throughout the season for players to engage with the High School program, including practices run by the HS players and coaches.

Our League and Teams

Falmouth Youth Football participates in the Maine Sportsmanship League (MSL), which includes other regional youth programs in Cumberland, Freeport, Portland, Saco, South Portland, Windham and Yarmouth among others.  MSL implements the USA Football safety standards and “Heads-up” football

Falmouth Youth Football has one team for students in 5th and 6th grade.  Players gradually build on the fundamentals learned in Flag and continue to grow as athletes while learning more advanced plays and techniques.  Additionally, we integrate kickoffs, punts and extra points.

At each level of FYF, players are encouraged to try multiple positions on offense and defense.  We teach agility, footwork, and basic plays on offense and defense.  Coaches work with the players on the techniques of blocking, tackling, running and passing.  All elements of our practices and games focus on safety and fun.

There are typically three FYF practices each week (usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays), with one game on the weekends for the approximately 7 week long program.  Each year our teams also participant in a MSL harvest bowl around Halloween.

Congrats to our 2021 5/6 Youth SOUTH CHAMPIONS for a fantastic season!!!!

Youth Tackle 2021