Falmouth Cheer and Stunt Teams


To entertain, develop socialization skills, encourage community development/philanthropic fundraising skills, crowd participation at games, empower, inspire and motive EVERYONE.

All participants will develop coordination, strength, flexibility, confidence, individual excellence, and community & team spirit.  Teamwork will be emphasized while individual goals will be set.  Skills will include verbal cheers, dance combinations, cheer combinations, stunting and gymnastics.

High School

The high school program has been approved as a club sport in Falmouth and is allowed to perform at all Varsity and JV football games.

Middle School

The middle school squad consists of 7th and 8th graders from Falmouth and performs at the Falmouth Middle School Varsity and JV games.  Additionally, they may help out at the Youth games.


The squad for grades 1-6 will learn routines to be performed at games for the Pee Wee through Youth Varsity.

Questions? Please contact Amy Carr at aturmell@maine.rr.com.