Middle School Football - Grades 7-8

Program Overview

Middle school is a unique time in every athlete’s career.  Physical development alone, during this time frame, has an incredible influence on athletes:  players that were once the biggest, fastest or strongest in youth football, often find that their teammates and competition are catching up with them and vice versa.  Of course, there is also the ever-present social and personality development for this age group.   Our primary focus is always on highlighting the unique skill set that every player brings to the team.  Falmouth Football believes that football is one of the most powerful tools available to help our athlete’s become the leaders of tomorrow.

Simultaneously, the middle school football program prepares our athletes for transition to the high school football program.  We work with the HS coaching staff to devise an age-appropriate playbook, integrate teaching methods, style of play and terminology.  By the time our athletes graduate from the middle school program, they are fully prepared for seamless advancement to high school football.


Our middle school football program is part of the Central Maine Football League and we will have one combined team of 7th and 8th graders.  Any 7th or 8th grade athlete who lives in the Falmouth School District is eligible to play.  Any athlete who desires to play football is welcome to join the team and will receive in-game playing time.  In other words, we do not host tryouts and there are no “cuts” – every player will make the team.
Practices will start in mid-August in the back fields behind the high school locker room.  Once school starts, the Middle School team generally practices, 3-5 days per week (Monday-Friday) with weekend games, typically Saturday mornings at 10am, against other local teams (practice times TBD based on coaches’ schedules). Practices may consist of film study and “walk-throughs," as specified by the coaches during the season.  Home games are presently scheduled on the Falmouth High School field (aka the “Turf Field”).